Me + Adrian + Drive back from LA = Genius Idea

Before the hype and frenzy of frozen yogurt shops popping up left and right in the Bay Area, we both saw the power and frenzy of the Fro-yo trend growing in SoCal. We both knew then and there that Frozen Yogurt would surpass Tapioca balls as the staple in Bay Area eateries and become the hang out spot like TapEx. No one believed in the idea that Yogurt could out do the rise of Coldstone, the addiction of Tapioca ( Suddenly I want more… ) and the fruitful yummy stuff from the kids at Jamba Juice. Sigh sigh what we could’ve done…

I have visited a good amount of yogurt shops from Sacramento to San Diego, and have recently been trying out the new shops that opened up in the Bay Area. Each shop is trying to develop its own character and personality as well as a steady group of supporters, which will be crucial when this yogurt bubble pops and only the best will survive.

My pick for Best Yogurt Shop near Hayward is…


43773 Boscell Rd
Fremont, CA 94538

(510) 651-8888

With a pretty open space, few snazzy couches, decent line-up of yogurts and toppings, tv’s and boardgames. This place is my prediction to see and be seen.


~ by *respekt. on July 17, 2008.

One Response to “Fro-Yo”

  1. yoswirl.. has dole whipped pineapple ice cream =) yummmyy/

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