Black Scale Lookbook

One of my more favorite brands, combining simple colors and powerful themes to create a strong storyline. The past few seasons have covered religion, government, and the secrets of certain societies, but this latest season has a more lighter tone as the themes switch to what makes this brand thrive.


Welcome to the 3rd chapter of the story. In the previous chapters we spoke about religion, government and the secrets of certain societies that exist.
The .. consumers that have followed Black Scale might think the line is a little deep or little confusing and with this chapter it might make it even more complicated. With all the problems that the society has we still find a way to escape and enjoy the fruits of our labor. In this chapter we focus on art, music, fashion and what we enjoy outside of all the madness by celebrating the good things that life has to offer. All three elements go hand in hand and they all have a connection. Knowing that life is an everyday struggle we still need time for ourselves to keep us sane and to remind ourselves that life is beautiful.


~ by *respekt. on July 9, 2008.

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  1. sushi picture = sex and the city.

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